Brick & Stone Fireplace Painting

The fireplace is the focal point in any room. If you've decided to redecorate the room or are just tired of the colors of the brick or stone, Interior Innovations artists use faux painting techniques to transform the face of your fireplace.

You no longer have to settle for one color painting. Multi colors and creative methods are used to recreate the patterns of natural brick or stone resulting in the look of a new fireplace. Enjoy your new look without the mess or cost of replacement.

close up view of a fireplace hearth that has been repainted to a more neutral tone

Our Method

First we vacuum the brick or stone. Additionally we wash the surface with TSP if discolored. Next we select 5-7 colors that co-ordinate with the home owners interior space. Finally, we paint grout lines if necessary.

Full view
toned down fireplace brick using faux painting techniques

Artistic Touch

Using a combination of small rollers and brushes, we paint each brick or stone using the patterns of natural brick or stone using latex flat or eggshell paint. For visual interest, we vary the combination of colors.

Full view
fireplace brick that has been repainted to a neutral set of colors that look like natural brick


A beautiful new fireplace that will blend with your interior space at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Full View

Our Services Include

repainted natural stone fireplace

Stone Surfaces

Repainted stone fireplace looks like natural stone.

repainted fireplace brick

Brick Surfaces

Hand painted, one brick at a time to create a unified and natural look to the fireplace.

Grey brick tones repainted for the fireplacel

Color Matching

Painted brick surface in natural brick color tones, blend in with all the fireplace accessories.

Interior design with you in mind!

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