Faux & Decorative Painting

Faux can be fabulous!

Expand your concept of color and pattern for your walls. Include the multi dimensional layering of a color wash or the look of polished stone using Venetian Plaster.

bathroom walls painted using two colors in a wide stripe


Includes: Ragging, Color Washing, Metallics, Venetian Plaster, Tuscan, Suede, Stria and Striping.

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Nancy Boyle applying venetian plaster

Design Team

Interior Innovations design team will guide you through the process of pattern and color selection. A sample board will be prepared for your approval prior to beginning the project.

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faux painted bathroom room walls that were created using three metallic paints to create an elegant look

WOW Factor!

The finished product will give your interior space the one of a kind WOW factor you have been waiting for.

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Our Services Include

painted faux marble bathroom wall

Faux Marble

Elegant faux painting looks like marble.

Painted wall using a faux techniques.

Faux Techniques

Many to choose from, all expertly created and applied.

repainted fireplace brick that creates a natural look

Faux Accent Wall

Create a statement with a faux painted accent wall in any room.

Interior design with you in mind!

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